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with Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova

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How to choose a course which is for you?

Our Iconography Drawing and Painting Courses are designed for individuals with different levels of experience. To indicate the necessary level we have labeled them as Foundational, Beginner, and Intermediate. The Foundational courses can be taken in any order, while the Beginner and Intermediate courses will require to attend certain course or courses to sign up for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • English is not my first language, can I still enrol to your courses?
    English is not our first language either, so we do endeavour to speak slowly and articulate clearly. Besides, all video tutorials have automatic subtitles in English, which you can easily translate into most languages, clicking the "gear" icon on the video screen. If you are unsure, whether you will feel comfortable learning from the course videos, email us or get in touch (top-right of this page) and we will share a link to one of our regular course videos, for you to have a personal experience and make an informed decision.

  • Do you teach via ZOOM?
    We do not teach via zoom. Our courses consist of Assignments, - pre-recorded professionally filmed and carefully edited HD video tutorials with homework instructions which can be watched at any time during the course and remain available afterwards. We provide links to recorded videos, so students can work at any time with their speed.

  • How do I get personal feedback?
    We invite our students to upload their drawings and/or paintings to the Google Classroom Stream, so that we can see them together with other fellow students' drawings / paintings. We carefully examine every students' work, considering it in the context with the previous images uploaded by the same student and give our recommendations based on the demonstrated skills and dynamics of learning. Our recommendations are drawn / written directly on the uploaded photographs. We mainly indicate the aspects of the assignment which should be followed more vigorously and point out the image details, which need more attention.
  • Our Future Courses

    Currently we are working hard to produce two more new courses, one about Painting with Egg Tempera and another one, called Practical Theology for Iconographers. If you like to be notified about them personally, email us. If you like to stay informed about our news, - subscribe to our regular Newsletter at the bottom of this page. We share our news approximately once in 2 months and never disclose our subscribers emails with anyone.

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