Online Drawing Course

Space in Iconography

August 1 - September 5, 2024


Why We Need to Learn About Space in Iconography?

Looking at icons we sometimes feel amazed, how these masters manage to grasp our attention so successfully?

It's because of the very way they built their icons: we subconsciously notice their different understanding of space concept. All objects and figures in traditional icons are simplified and transformed to comply with the general space integrity of the image. Each of them needs to be native to the whole and to each other to work well in a team.

We made this course "Space in Iconography" to teach the main principles of space organization in iconography and to show how our new icons, frescoes and mosaics can comply with the traditional space concept.

This Course consists of 5 weekly assignments, each suggests several video tutorials and tasks (see list below). Students are invited to execute series of exercises with increasing complexity. The assignments of the course illustrate specific principles of space organiation and meaning of space in iconograhy. They allow to master the "blocking in" method of drawing, to learn how different aspects of space organization should be considered in different kinds of images, and demonstrate the theoretical knlowledge applied.

Iconography Drawing Course Space in Iconography is good for anyone, practicing (or willing to practice) traditional iconography. It will work well for those who have accomplished our previous Onlince courses as well, as for those, who has never studied with us in the past.



For anyone interested in practical learning the concept of space in iconography


200 USD for 5 weekly assignments with unlimited drawing corrections + 5 pre-recorded zoom lectures. Payments are non-refundable.


6 weeks (5 assignments):
August 1 - September 5, 2024.
Assignments are published weekly on Thursdays: August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29. One more extra week is given to finish all the assignments. Drawings are accepted for corrections no later than September 5, 2024.


Links to practical video tutorials, reference images, and a pre-recorded lecture per each of the 5 assignments. All materials are shared with students through Google Classroom. All the videos remain available to the students after the end of the Course


Learners are expected to share photographs of their drawings in Google Classroom Stream. Personal feedback from the instructors with their corrections / comments / recommendations is given within 48 hour (weekends excluded). Feedback is guaranteed for the whole period of the course either written in words or/and drawn directly on the emailed image.


Learners only need most basic materials, such as paper, pencils, eraser, eraser, and a compass with two needles (divider).


We made this program as extensive as possible, yet we split complex tasks into little manageable parts, making the assignments squeezable between routine work and family duties. We hope it will allow everybody to study with own pace. Plan to put in at least 1.5 hours for homework per assignment

Practical matters

This Course consists of 5 weekly assignments with encreasing level of difficulty from basic to more complex. If you are short in time we recommend at least watching the videos. At any rate avoid hurrying up with your pratice! If you have more time we suggest accomplishing all the tasks for better understanding.

Actual course Spase in Iconography was first launched in 2020. All the zoom lectures were recorded and the links to these lectures are published together with the weekly assignments. The themes of the lectures were related to the assignments and discussions were dedicated to the most urgent questions of contemporary iconography.

Access to the Google Classroom and the videos is for the online course participants only and must not be shared with anyone else in any form

Learning Process

After receiving the Weekly Assignments, students are called to accomplish their drawings on paper of A4 / Letter format. We hope that at least for these one or two hours of drawing they will switch off or put on Silent mode their cell-phones, placing them in a remote part of the room. We also recommend our students to ask people around them not to disturb and provide some piece for a concentrated work. We insist on this because the learning process is more intense and effective if drawing is performed with a complete immersion in the process, thoughtfully and carefully.

If you experience any technical difficulties with Google Classroom, please let us know via email. We will answer you as quickly as we can.


1. Introduction

  • Basic Understanding of Space
  • Image vs Environment as Mutually Influencing Elements
  • Blocking in as Method of Learning from Medieval Models
  • Zoom Lecture 1: Introduction

    2. The Borders

  • Role of Borders on Icon
  • Boarder “stealing” Space from Figure VS Borders as Additional Space
  • Finding Ratio of a Figure vs Negative Space: Artistic Solution in Iconography
  • Zoom Lecture 2: Space Solution

    3. Figure and It’s Parts

  • Identifying Difference Between Tonal Values and a Contrast
  • Evaluating Local Colors and Building Visual Hierarchy.
  • Zoom Lecture 3: Cropping

    4. Figures Interacting

  • Types of Relationship We Establish Planning an Icon with 2 or More Figures
  • Zoom Lecture 4: Lettering

    5. Image in Architecture

  • Principles of Cooperation between Image and Architecture
  • Framing Environment vs Surrounding Space
  • Zoom Lecture 5: Subordination

    Ready to Enroll?

    Online Iconography сourse Course Space in Iconography consists of 5 assignments and costs $200 USD or €185 EUROS . The Course will start on August 1 and end on September 5, 2024. If you like to join the class, please make the reigistration payment, providing a valid email address. It will be used to send you a personal invitation to Google Classroom. The Assignments will be emailed on Thursdays at 00:00 AM Tbilisi time (GMT+4).

    This course is the third of a series, but it is open for everyone practicing (or willing to practice) Christian iconography. It will work well for those who have accomplished our previous Onlince courses as well, as for those, who has never studied with us in the past.

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    The assignments will be emailed on Thursdays at 00:00 AM Tbilisi time (GMT+4). Please, let us know if you have any questions.
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