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Icon of Christ. From Sketch to Icon

November 02, 2023 - May 16, 2024


What Is This Program About

This is a long term program that allows you to summarize all your knowledge and skills by painting an icon of Christ Head and Shoulders. There will be two slightly different iconographical types to choose from. Everyone who took “ Drawing Frontal Faces“ and “ Egg Tempera. Faces“ courses are invited.

This program is not as extensive as our regular courses. It’s a combination of new information with things you’ve already learned. I’m going to explain in detail how to paint hair and beard and also how to combine all the details to let them work well together.

We will go from planning an icon and working with sketches to painting an icon of Christ. By the end of this program you will have a clear understanding of the method and stages of professional work.



For everyone who took “Frontal Face“ and “Egg Tempera. Faces“ courses. This program will connect your knowledge of drawing to the process of painting with egg tempera and to show you how to work professionally on an icon.


Subscription payment of $60 USD or €55 Euros for one topic explained in
4 short weekly assignments with personalized mentoring and comprehensive feedback.


5.5 months / approximately 4 assignments per month
Assignments are published weekly with one extra week added before the Christmas and one before the Easter. Two extra weeks at the end are allowed to finish the icon. Images are accepted for corrections until May 16, 2024.


Explanations of each topic either in a video (max 30min) or text (PDF document), reference images. All materials are shared with students in Google Classroom. All the videos remain available to the students after the end of the Course.


Learners are expected to share photographs of their drawings in Google Classroom Stream. Personal feedback from the instructors with their corrections / comments / recommendations is given within 48 hours (weekends excluded). Feedback is guaranteed for the whole period of the course either written in words or/and drawn directly on the uploaded image.


You will only need materials you used on courses “Drawing a Frontal Face” and “Egg Tempera. Faces”. Although I advise you to paint the final image on paper, you can use a gessoed board. I’ll give you all the details about the board size at the end of November.


We made this program not as extensive as our regular courses. However you will need at least an hour a week for drawing (in November) and two-three hours a week for painting (in January-February). I’m not sure how much time it will require to work on the final project (in March-May), because it also depends on you.

Practical Matters

This Program starts on November 02, 2023 and will end on May 16, 2024. You will have 4 short assignments per topic. Assignments are published on Thursdays. Some assignments will help to repeat what you’ve already learned, other will contain new information.

After the last assignment is published on May 2, you will have two extra weeks to finish the icon. Images are accepted no later than May 16, 2024.

Access to the Google Classroom and the videos is for the online course participants only and must not be shared with anyone else in any form.


1. Planning an Icon of Christ. Drawing

November 2, 9, 16, 23

  • Iconography of Christ. Quick sketches
  • Arrangement of Christ’s Head and Shoulders to the Format. Small sketches
  • Drawing a Face
  • Final Sketch
  • 2. How to Paint Hairstyle

    December 7, 14, January 4, 11

  • The First Stage of Painting Hair. Basics
  • The Second Stage of Painting Hair. Basics
  • Learning to Paint Hair from a Model
  • Painting Hair from a Model
  • 3. How to Paint a Beard

    January 18, 25; February 1, 8

  • The First Stage of Painting a Beard. Basics
  • The Second Stage of Painting a Beard. Basics
  • Different Types of Beards. Learning How to Paint a Beard from a Model
  • Painting a Beard from a Model
  • 4. How to Choose Colors for an Icon

    February 15, 22; March 7, 14

  • Choosing a Model. Painting Black and White Sketches
  • Limited Palette. Color and Tonal Values
  • Working with Colored Shapes - one More Way of Planning your Work
  • A Colored Sketch
  • 5. Painting an Icon

    March 21; April 4, 11, 18, 25; May 2

  • Drawing
  • Applying the Main Colors. Painting Face
  • Painting Face and Beard
  • Painting Hair
  • Working with Tonal Values, Shapes. Finalizing the Image
  • Final Accents and Lettering
  • Learning Process

    Each month you will receive 4 assignments that include:
  • a PDF file with homework and explanation of certain steps you have to perform

  • Optional:
  • tutorial videos
  • a folder (or folders) with medieval models

  • The main explanations and instructions are given in the PDF file. A lot of explanations are based on the information from the previous courses. It is made to refresh your memory and drawing / painting skills. All the new topics are illustrated with short video tutorials.

    The homework for each assignment is given at the beginning of each PDF file. We expect you to do your homework on paper of A4/Letter format and post it in the Google Classroom Stream.

    If you are not satisfied with your drawing/painting and have not finished them, anyway share your drawing/painting at least once a week. Constructive feedback will help you to move on. If you are stuck and don’t understand how to proceed, post your drawing/painting with question(s) in the Stream. We are always ready to give a hand.

    Please, post your drawings/paintings in Google Stream even if you are behind the schedule. We kindly ask you to take photos of your drawings without distortion. When taking a photo, hold your cell phone or tablet parallel to the drawing. It will help a lot with your homework correction.

    If you experience any technical difficulties with Google Classroom, please let us know via email. We will answer you as quickly as we can.

    Ready to Enroll?

    Online Iconography Study Group "Icon of Christ. From Sketch to Icon" is $60 USD or €55 Euros subscription payment per each topic.
    This program will start on November 02, 2023 and will end on May 16, 2024. Making your registration payment, please provide a valid email address, - it will also be used to send you a personal invitation to Google Classroom and all further communications.

    For payments in Dollars:

    Learning Theology, Theory and History of Iconography Online

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    Learning Theology, Theory and History of Iconography Online

    If within 60 days from the purchase date you experience health issues forbidding you to participate in the chosen course, we will fully refund the cost of your order.

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