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We only accept iconographers we know, or by recommendation of someone we know.

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When registering, please use your real first and the last name. We expect members of the community to treat each other with respect of another person's dignity, to be always polite and kind to each other. We urge you to remember that everybody can have own opinion and it is ok, if the opinion of some people does not fit with yours. Topics of conversation should be limited by group interests . English is the official language of all conversations in the main channel. The moderator will delete any bullying, political, rude, racist, begging money, and other inappropriate posts and comments. Administrators also have an option to block you for the community if you break a rule. Asking to join the community you testify, that you have read and agree to confirm the rules of the community.


Short Instructions to our little Commuity of Iconographers:

It took a long time, but we did it!

Very short description: It is called HUBZILLA, and it is based on the principle of DE-Centralization, - means there is NO Mark Zukerberg or anyone else above the users (xcept for administrator or moderator, who can block or delete your channel/account).

It’s a free software for communication. You can read more about the platform we use here: https://zotlabs.org/help/ru/about/about It was created by a guy in Australia: https://macgirvin.com/channel/mike , and currently is developed by many people, (on the technical side, not commercial).

In short: After registering an Account at this network every new user is invited to create one (more) channels. Example: you can have one channel for personal use and other one(s) for social activity if you like.

The main feature is this: we can very carefully select who can see what we publish. Here is the Official Guide: https://zotlabs.org/help/ru/member/member_guide

If we know you, or we know someon, who can recommend you, please, send us an inquiry by an email. . You will be invited via email, with a special code. Copy the code, click the link below it in the email and enter the code in the top line of the opening page.

You are also asked to type your email and invent a password, retyping it twice. Before you click th “SUBMIT” button, make sure you switched the slider on the right – it should be “ON”, - that you agree with terms and conditions and you are older than 6.

In case if you prefer visual instructions, you can check our tutorial on Youtube: https://youtu.be/zjf9Q_dz2QI


I mention this first because the very first thing our Network will ask you to do after the registration: set up all the restrictions.

If you like to change your restrictions and roles, go TOP LEFT menu – Settings and below Settings of the Account (your personal information), Settings of the Channel – it’s the channel, which you will use for communication.

The “channel” can be different, and there are lots of Permission Roles: https://zotlabs.org/help/member/member_guide#Channel_Permission_Roles

Currently, our main channel is the “Social Restricted channel”…


Top-Right Menu –> Connections. On Connection page, the top-Left -> Add New Connection (find someone via email) or Find Channels (find the names of the channels). If you type Iconography you will get connected to our main account

We suggest you start from our first Channel: Iconography. If you click Channel Suggestions, you may be suggested channels from OUTSIDE of our Corner - other Hubzilla networks, (because we belong to a network of a decentralized system), - not sure you want it.

If you like to see someone’s news, you have to CONNECT to the channel… or Connect to Accounts. I am not sure yet how the Connection to Accounts works.. Try typing Iconography in Channels and you will be suggested to connect to provided proposals (green button). When you click, the other side will receive a notification about your inquiry and answer - -give permissions.

And the other side will have to CONFIRM your connection… - It’s security. You can always “disconnect” your connections and change their permissions regarding your channel.

Go back to Top Left Menu -> Edit Profile – (middle right of the page) Settings → Account Settings / Channel Settings / Webpage Settings/ on the Left

What I discovered by now: CONNECTIONS - you already are connected DIRECTORY - list of possible channels...

in a text by @Anna Maria


Another feature, provided by most social networks, is #tags, and you can read about them here: https://start.hubzilla.org/help/member/member_guide#Tags_And_Mentions

Few examples:

Adding @ - @John will mention your contact named John, and @Iconography will mention the forum with this name

@"Robert Johnson" will tag Robert Johnson. The double quotes are required if the tagged name contains space characters.

Adding ! - !Iconography - mention the Iconography Forum and also post to the Iconography "network". Everybody will be notified about your post (e.g. send to all the forum members; if you have permission to do so)

Adding # (hashtag)… This will create a link in the post to a generalised site search for the term provided. For example, #cars will provide a search link for all posts mentioning 'cars' on your site.

NOTE: use at least 3 characters for the word, otherwise it will not be listed. You can use several words with spaces, but put your phrase between quotes first – like this: #”Water gilding”


If you want to add a possibility to use a different language,

Top Right Menu: ADD APPS→ Left middle page: INSTALLED APPS & AVAILABLE APPS

TO install any of the suggested apps, just click AVAILABLE APPS, chose the one you want like LANGUAGE, and click the green word INSTALL under the picture.

To use the language after installing it go to INSTALLED APPS, find the LANGUAGE and click a STAR if you want the language to be in the top right MENU, or click the PIN if you want it to be pinned on the very top. You can do the same with all the apps. Besides,, you can manage your apps on top of the page with INSTALLED APPS – see the Blue Button MANAGE APPS. Delete the ones you feel you will never need if you like.

I have only used a few things from here, - hope we can learn together.

If you want to join us, - let us know by email.

Your sincerely,